From the organizing team of the I Triatlô Olímpic de Son Bou we are working to be able to offer an event with the maximum safety guarantees following the indications of the health authorities. We are aware of the uncertainties and doubts that the current situation causes and for this reason we have prepared a FAQ’s that we will update according to the evolution of the situation.

1- Will the current dates of the race be immovable for this 2020?

Yes. The race for the 2020 edition will take place on September 20. In case of suspension of the test for reasons beyond our control, the next edition will move to the year 2021.

2- In case of suspension of the test, what will happen to my registration?

The organization offers runners the following options:

  1. In the event of definitive suspension of the 2020 edition due to the health crisis, all registrants will automatically be registered for the 2021 edition. In this case, the participant will not have to carry out any procedure.
  2. BONUSES can also be acquired for the full amount of the registration in tests organized by the company Elitechip S.L .. In this case, participants should contact by email: info@elitechip.net
  3. As a last option, you can request a full refund that will be provided by 75% by returning the total amount of the bib in the same bank card number with which the payment was made and the remaining 25% in BONUSES to participate in competitions organized by the company Elitechip SL.After a deep reflection in which the center of our thoughts has been to offer the maximum facilities to our participants in a fair and equitable way, we adopt this formula to be able to mitigate irrecoverable and duly justified expenses that It requires us to organize the test both on a material and human level.

We want to facilitate the procedures and / or doubts. You can contact us through the following email: info@elitechip.net

3- How will the collection of numbers be carried out?

It will be carried out by taking the measures, protocols and recommendations established by the health authorities. It will be in person and staggered. The use of a mask will be mandatory. Along with the delivery of the bib number, the runner’s bag will also be provided.

4- How will the Briefing take place?

No presential. The briefing of the test can be downloaded in digital format through this website

5- How will the bike registration be done in Boxes?

The entrance to the boxes will be done in a staggered manner following the measures, protocols and recommendations established by the health authorities. The use of a mask will be mandatory. Different schedules will be enabled for each distance of the race. Also, to avoid concentrations, there will be a schedule for even numbers and one for odd numbers. You can check the schedules here

6- Can someone else do the registration and collection of the bike for me?

As long as it is justified, someone else will be allowed to check-in and check out for you. You must download the QR code of your registration that you will find in the Elitechip APP, provide the file to the person who will come in your place and once at the entrance of the boxes, the code must be shown to the person responsible for access control. You can download the ELITECHIP APP totally free, at: APPLE STORE: (download link) GOOGLE PLAY: (download link)

7- How will the aid stations be?

The aid stations will be adapted to the measures established by the Health Authorities.

8- How will the outputs be?

The starts will be made in ROLLING START format, in groups of 4 runners and a margin between starts of 8 seconds. The use of a mask will be mandatory at all times until reaching the starting point of the swimming segment, where they will be deposited inside containers.

9- In the cycling segment, is it allowed to do drafting?

DRAFTING IS NOT ALLOWED, it cannot be less than 12 meters long and 3 meters wide from any cyclist and having 25 seconds to do the overtaking maneuver. The use of TT bicycles is allowed.

10- How will the arrivals at Meta be?

The finish area and post finish services will be subject to the circumstances and recommendations of the health authorities.

11- Will there be a shower area and clothes storage?

Due to the current exceptionality, no showers are foreseen. The laundry service will be available upon request and proof of extreme need.

12- I have more questions

In order to offer as much information as possible, as we have news we will update this section of frequently asked questions (FAQ ‘s). For any questions, you can send us your questions and / or suggestions to info@elitechip.net